Ronda Nelson

Ronda L. Nelson, PhD, MH

Dr. Ronda NelsonRonda L. Nelson, PhD, MH is a holistic nutritionist and master herbalist who started Restoration Health, Inc. to help support and restore optimal health for those who are looking for alternative options with regard to their overall health and well-being. She works on creating small but effective dietary and lifestyle modifications aimed at addressing the underlying causes of illness. Ronda's expertise includes how to use food and herbs to heal the body, supporting healthy digestive, thyroid and adrenal function along with male and female hormones, and children's health issues. Ronda is particularly interested in working with patients dealing with lichen sclerosis and is well versed in saliva testing, hair mineral analysis, and functional interpretation of blood panels. Equipped to unravel even the most puzzling cases, Ronda focuses on discovering and correcting the primary causes of health challenges, drawing on her extensive training and professional experience to provide relevant clinical solutions and practical applications for her patients.

A dynamic presenter, Ronda is a frequent keynote speaker and host of continuing education seminars for doctors and other health care professionals. Her teachings are firmly rooted in the principles of functional endocrinology and lifestyle modification. She has seen and consulted with thousands of patients across the country, dramatically improving health and well-being with simple diet and lifestyle changes. Extremely active in her community, Ronda teaches nutrition to first graders at several area elementary schools in addition to hosting community education events focused on women's health needs and the special concerns of parents with young children. Ronda is a frequent keynote speaker at national alternative medicine and nutrition events. She also teaches continuing education seminars for doctors and other health care professionals interested in endocrinology and the functional interpretation of blood tests.

Her passion for understanding the foundations of what makes us well or unwell ignited in 1993 when her young daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. A relentless search for the underlying cause of this cancer led Ronda to a simple conclusion: dietary choices profoundly affect human physiology. In the years that followed, she became determined to share this insight, a fundamental, far-reaching truth that is the basis of her practice today.

Now healthy and the mother of four children of her own, Ronda's daughter is the first of countless patients to benefit from targeted diet and lifestyle changes addressing the underlying causes of illness. Ronda remains committed to sharing her knowledge and inspiring simple modifications to the way patients eat and live -- changes that can dramatically improve well-being now and for generations to come.

Ronda Nelson's Training

After beginning her journey of discovery into what makes the body sick, Ronda found that the type of food a person consumed over the course of their life made the biggest difference in how efficiently the body was able to heal itself. The greater the nutritional deficiency, the more predisposed the person may be to develop some kind of illness or disease.

In order to learn more about the role of real food on the health of the body, she had to make a decision: follow the education route using the traditional food pyramid or dig a little deeper, past the dogma of nutritional science and politics, and uncover what the body really needs to become whole, well and strong. As a result, her training and education took a less conventional approach but ended up being a far better course of learning as evidenced by the thousands of patients she has helped over the years.

She began by studying how the use of herbs (or plants) produced significant changes in the body by minimizing symptoms and at the same time, improving overall health. As she discovered the benefits and therapeutic use of standardized herbs, she became even more passionate about using plants and food for supporting a strong and healthy body. This ultimately led to a masters degree in Herbology.

Soon after, as her desire to learn more and more about how the body works and how foods affect function, she decided to continued her studies in the naturopathic field. Instead of choosing a traditional naturopathic school which focuses on a more medical approach to natural health, she chose one with a curriculum devoted to the study and application of the traditional naturopathic philosophy. This way of thinking enhanced even further her passion about how food and lifestyle have a profound effect on long-term health.

Taking it yet one step further, Ronda decided to study at an even greater level the effect whole food would have on the body by enrolling in a PhD program with a small, private school. She embarked on an extensive study of how specific nutrients interact with one another and when one or more are deficient, the body has no choice but to try and do the best it can with what it has to work with. These basic nutritional deficiencies set the stage for dysfunction, illness or disease.

Today, she has taken her broad range of knowledge and turned it into a thriving practice centered around food, nutrition, and women’s health issues. As many, many women can attest, she has changed their lives by helping them make simple yet profound changes to their health by uncovering the underlying issues and then providing the body with the nutrients it needs to become whole, well and strong once again.