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Success Stories & Testimonials | Restoration Health

During my 2nd pregnancy I found out that I had a lump in my throat (on my thyroid) which was likely cancerous and also diagnosed with gestational diabetes and anemia. Despite the fact that I thought my diet was very good, it turns out I was making some big mistakes. I found out about Ronda Nelson from a friend and wanted to find someone who was very familiar with natural remedies but also would stand with me as I believed for complete healing. Ronda was perfect. I did everything she said, to the best of my ability. I cut out all the wheat products (even my stone ground organic whole wheat bread that I used to get fresh from a local bakery every week!). I also stopped eating sweets except for one healthful dessert once a week after dinner, started using only honey and raw cane sugar as my sweeteners and followed Ronda’s recommendations about the protein, fat, carb principle to the best of my ability. I switched to farm and pastured-raised meats, farm fresh produce and drank raw milk and dairy, homemade bone broth along with some cod liver oil a couple times a week. It took about six months to help restore my health through the dietary changes and supplements Ronda suggested but after almost a year, I feel so much better! My skin color is back to normal after being severely anemic for a long time and my thyroid levels are now absolutely perfect so no need for surgery!!! My blood sugar is completely normal and Ronda said my blood work was amazing! I wasn't always perfect about my diet or taking my supplements consistently but I did the best I could with two small children. And even with that, it worked! Thank you Ronda for being a God-send to me and my family and for helping me avoid a costly and emotionally traumatic surgery!! Amy D., Emeryville, CA
When I came and sat in Ronda's office and we met for the first time I was not feeling like my usual self at all, I felt very stressed. I found it hard to concentrate, I was feeling very strong amounts of anxiety and was very fatigued. I did not smile and I had lost my laugh. I had insomnia and this made everything feel worse. My body would tremble and my muscles were weak, to the point that it was hard to lift up a mug. My energy was so low that simple tasks like eating and breathing felt like work. To experience fatigue is not like the feeling you have before you go to sleep of just wanting to lie down and take a nap, it is like the feeling you have after doing an extensive workout - all day long. Ronda suggested that I take a blood test to see if I had Mono and the test results came out positive, she also suggested that I take an adrenal test to see what my cortisol levels were doing and the results showed that they were not normal. She also suggested changing how I chose to eat, by cutting out grains, refined sugar, caffeine, most dairy products, and gluten. I already had a lifestyle where I ate no refined sugar, little gluten and no caffeine so I was willing to add some more changes, and I am glad I did. By choosing to eat this way I was freshly preparing most of my meals and this re-awoke my natural love of being creative in the kitchen, which in turn was part of my recovery. Ronda suggested a mixture of herbal supplements to aid in relaxation, emotional wellness, muscle strength, digestion, and adrenal recovery. I choose to take her advice and I found all these things to be absolutely intrinsic to my recovery. Partnering with this herbal help I sought spiritual and emotional counseling to deal with the roots of stress in my life, and along with unconditional love from family and friends I can now happily say that I am so very much better! It started with my sleeping patterns starting to return to normal, then my emotions returning to normal, and then the strength and energy in my body returning slowly but steadily over time. To sustain this recovery I needed to learn new and better ways to take care of myself and manage stress and I can honestly say that this turned out to be one of the most beautiful seasons of my life. I am very thankful to Ronda, Marcie and all her staff for their support and advice.Stephanie B., Redding CA
I had gone to the seminar that Ronda did in January 2011 at Bethel church in Redding,CA. Ronda began to speak on why beef is the perfect vegetarian food. I was a vegetarian, and had been since I got mono three years prior. During the time I had mono I wasn't eating much except soups and smoothies. I began to stop craving meat, even becoming disgusted by it. So here I am three years later sitting in this seminar hearing why your body needs MEAT protein. Not just protein from nuts, quinoa, etc. It all made sense to me. If you are eating beef from a cow that is 100% grass fed then what are you eating?...grass! She began speaking about how not eating good organic meats can effect so many things including health, depression, and fatigue. I had dealt with bouts of being 'down' for no reason. I was constantly fatigued, and would get the afternoon slump. But I was disgusted by meat, so what to do... Ronda showed that their is something in your brain that when you stop eating meat it stops signaling for cravings of it. But once you start eating it it turns back on, so to speak, and registers to you that you need this. So I decided to give it a try. I went home and made some beef for dinner. At first I couldn't eat much meat. It took a while, I couldn't eat it every day. But after just a few weeks I was craving meat again! My energy levels were back up, and my 'downs' were gone. Now I can tell when I skip a meal with no meat protein. I will feel fatigued, and a slump. I now crave meat protein! And it keeps me fuller longer than any carbs or nuts. Your body NEEDS meat protein. Don't deprive it like I did for so many years. Go buy yourself some good organic, no hormones, grass fed meats!! :) Carly G., Redding CA
In March, my 12 year old son began showing signs of allergies - lots of sneezing, red itch eyes when mowing the grass, etc. I began changing his diet to almost gluten free which helped but also brought him to Ronda in July. She spoke to my son simply, clearly, on his level and with great humor. He likes her a lot and wanted to do well for her so it was easy to follow her completely gluten free plan.

A month and a half after following her treatment protocol, Casey is doing so well! He has clear thinking, much less sneezing, no red itchy eyes, and regular elimination and to top it off, he said curry and whey protein shakes are his favorite foods (before it was breads and pastas all the way!)

We appreciate Ronda and Restoration Health - I highly recommend for any health issues kids as well as adults have.  Becky S., Oregon
When I was diagnosed with stage II cervical cancer, I went to Ronda to be as safe as possible from the radiation and chemotherapy treatment. I did everything she told me to do, took all the supplements she suggested and breezed through my treatment and following surgery. I couldn't have done it without Ronda with me every step of the way. She excels in her area of expertise and shares it well. Patti B., California
Before I met with Ronda at Restoration Health, I felt as if life were passing me by. I couldn't enjoy the normal everyday things due to anxiety and fatigue, nor could I accomplish day-to-day tasks as simply as I was able to in previous years. I had the constant feeling of being overwhelmed. I made many trips to the doctor's office that left me discouraged and was told there really isn't anything wrong with you and other women your age have similar complaints but there's nothing we can do besides offer anti-depressants. My self-esteem really dropped with fatigue, weight gain and the inability to improve my health.

After I went to Restoration Health I made a wonderful discovery! My poor health wasn't all in my head; the exhaustion and poor health were due to ongoing stressors, a high achieving work ethic that drove me right into the ground and a diet that undermined my health. Ronda's care was safe, compassionate and encouraging. She was a straight-shooter in that she clearly defined my health plan and my role to obtain success.

Under Ronda's care, I took specific tests to determine what parts of my body were or were not functioning properly. Then I received a personalized health plan including natural supplements that target those areas. I learned how to rest and remove stressors so as to provide my body an opportunity to recover. I also learned how to eat in a way to promote my overall health rather than undermine it by making life-style changes and better food choices. Over the course of several months, I was able to enjoy my family as well as a new found energy to complete my daily tasks. I felt an excitement towards my life that had diminished greatly. I got my health back! I have gained so much from this experience with Restoration Health that I will never be the same again. I am much happier and so is my family. I truly have restored health and have the necessary tools and knowledge to maintain it. Theresa O., California
Ronda has been helping me with my hormonal imbalances, especially my PMS. She recommended a hair analysis and saliva test to determine where my hormone imbalances were and then created a customized nutritional program to address my specific needs. After about 3 months, almost all my symptoms were completely gone and now, 6 months later, I no longer have any PMS symptoms and feel unbelievable! Kristy C., Redding, CA
Approximately three years ago, I sought the services of Ronda Nelson at Restoration Health. I was having chronic gastrointestinal issues and had been told by the medical community that there was no physiological cause and, therefore, it must by purely psychological in nature. Ronda went over my diet with me, had me begin taking a few supplements and attend her "Raw Food" classes. Within weeks of making just a FEW, simple changes in my eating habits, my physical symptoms disappeared. I have been able to consistently keep those practices in place (easy due to the benefits!). I no longer am experiencing any health related issues. Carolyn M., San Antonio, TX
I heard about Restoration Health from three different people before I decided to call. Ronda was very thorough and compassionate during our appointment and inspired me to take more control of my health and diet. She made practical suggestions that I was able to easily incorporate into my lifestyle. Sharon L., Seattle, WA
I had been recently told that my cholesterol was too high so I tried everything that was recommended to me at the health food store or by my friends. None of these worked so when I met Ronda, she helped me slowly start changing my eating habits, one meal at a time, and soon my cholesterol was moving back into the normal range. Anna M., Redding, CA
I have worked with Ronda Nelson both personally and professionally. Her advice has proven to be accurate and of the utmost help. She has helped alleviate my severe headaches and fatigue naturally and efficiently. I am thrilled to say that the problems I started with have been completely eliminated at this time. Kim C., Grand Junction, CO
After exhausting my options with conventional medicine, I decided to try a more holistic, natural approach. I started working with Ronda and her staff. My energy has improved dramatically, hot flashes are completely gone and I have learned how to incorporate more raw foods into my diet. Brianna R., Stillwater, OK