Making Your Appointment

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When you call or email us to schedule an appointment with Ronda, we will send a thorough health questionnaire for you to complete prior to your appointment. Ronda will thoroughly review your information ahead of time in order to get a feel for what your unique goals are.*

During your phone appointment, Ronda will spend time getting to know you and learning more about what is bothering you. She is an expert at listening "between the lines" in order to gain greater insight into what might be causing the problem. By the time your call is finished, you will have a better understanding of where the dysfunction is and how best to begin restoring optimal health. Ronda will leave you with clear direction and a solid plan that has been uniquely tailored just for you!

*In order to provide quality care for our existing patients, we are unable to accept any new patients at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions when making an appointment.  

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