Clinical Resources

Free Clinical Resources

Welcome to our Clinical Resources page! We hope you find something here that will help you become a better practitioner and improve your patient outcomes. We’ve included below our most frequently-requested resources including ones that we use with our own patients such as charts, patient handouts, reference guides, and clinical resources so please enjoy and check back frequently! Thanks for stopping by!

Adrenaline Cortisol Graph
Anemia Comparison
Artemisinin Effects Chart
Blood Tracking Form
Brain Health and Omega-3s
Chart of Nutrient Deficiencies from Common Pharmaceutical Drugs
Digestive Screening Questionnaire
Emotional Pain Chart
Endocrine Triangle
EWG Cell Phone Tips
Fiber Rich Foods List
Functions of Gut Flora
GI Flora Balance
Harrowers Chart
Herbal Chocolates for Kids
Herbal Gelatin Cubes for Kids
Iron Deficiency
Kava Colada
Liver Pate Recipe
Nail Health
Normal Cortisol
Nutrition for Eye Health
Perimenopausal Timeline
Pregnenolone Steal
Pupillary Reflex Test
Raglands Test
SIBO Diet Food Guide
Skin Healing Cream
SP Detox Balance Patient Guide
Stress Response Chart
Toxicity Questionnaire
Using Digestive Supplements
Viral Bacterial Key